Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated Cast Iron manual gear box for manual valve actuation.
Standard with visual indicator and adjustable stops.

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Product Dimensions

Dimensions Table

Size mmTorqueRatioWeightØHD1bdtHand Wheel ConnectionFlange
50-8017024:13.71506290312.714.1PIN 5 x 40F05
10017024:13.71506290515.918.2PIN 5 x 40F07
125-15017024:13.71506290519.0521.35PIN 5 x 40F07
20075030:18.530078125522.224.5PIN 6 x 45F10
25075030:18.530078125828.631.9PIN 6 x 45F10
300-350120050:11030080140831.835.1PIN 8 x 45F10

Technical Data

Suitable Applications:
Water, Oil, Gas


Construction Table

BodyCast Iron
GearDuctile Iron
Hand WheelDuctile Iron