Machined from hexagonal brass rod.
Both internal and external threads to BSP standards.


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Product Dimensions

Dimensions Table

SizeMetric Conversion
¾" x ½"20mm x 15mm
½” x ¼”10mm x 8mm
½” x ⅜”15mm x 8mm
¾” x ½”15mm x 10mm
1” x ½”20mm x 15mm
1” x ¾”25mm x 15mm
1” x ¾”25mm x 20mm
1¼” x ½”32mm x 15mm
1¼” x ¾”32mm x 20mm
1¼” x 1”32mm x 25mm
1½” x ½”40mm x 15mm
1½” x ¾”40mm x 20mm
1½” x 1”40mm x 25mm
1½” x 1¼”40mm x 32mm
2” x ½”50mm x 15mm
2” x ¾”50mm x 20mm
2” x 1”50mm x 25mm
2” x 1¼”50mm x 32mm
2” x 1½”50mm x 40mm

Technical Data

Suitable Applications:
Water, Oil, Gas


Construction Table