Approved for water, oil and gases that do not attack stainless steel parts.

Stainless Steel Housing
Stainless Steel Roll Ring
Polycarbonate Window – Glycerine Filled

3/8″ BSP bottom connection

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Technical Data

Maximum Working Pressure:
Available in ranges from 250kPa to 2500kPa

Temperature Rating:
0°C – 70°C

Suitable Applications:
Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Refrigeration


Construction Table

RangeFigure IntervalMinor Graduations
0-250 kPa505
0-400 kPa10010
0-600 kPa10010
0-800 kPa20020
0-1000 kPa20020
0-1600 kPa20020
0-2500 kPa50050